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MY PROFILE: (Emerson)

I have been a fitness enthusiast and martial arts addict and competitor for over 25 years.  I had the rare opportunity, in my capacity as a national competitor and champion in the World of Martial Arts arena, to train with Olympians and other World Champions. I have trained and hold a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Purple Belt in Brazilian Jujitsu and traditional Boxing, among other martial arts.

My passion for fitness led me to become a full time National Certified Personal Trainer for Equinox Fitness in downtown NYC - The highest producing Equinox Fitness club and the top fitness clubs in New York City.  My personal experiences, along with my close attention to form and details, are what makes working with me or any of my trainers different, safe, effective and enjoyable experience.

ACE - National Certified Personal Trainer 

Certified Equinox Prenatal / Postpartum Trainer

Certified Equinox Fitness Trainer - Downtown, NYC

Certified AED/CPR American Heart Association

Kickboxing-Boxing, Kettlebell, Suspension Training Instructor

Certified Brazilian Jujitsu Instructor Purple Belt - Renzo Gracie Academy

Training Partners for Amateur MMA Fighters - Brazilian Jujitsu MMA Academy

3X Tae Kwon Do State Champion (1988 NYC, 1989 Maryland, 2001 Pennsylvania)


Certified AFAA Fitness Personal Trainer         

Certified Pre-Natal Personal Fitness Instructor

Certified Primary Group Fitness Instructor AFAA

Certified AED / CPR American Heart Association     Specialized in training Elders/Special Population YMCA

Dance Fitness Instructor - Fitness Academy Hungary

Studied Nutrition & Sport Medicine in Hungary for 2 yrs

Trained in various Martial Arts

(Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai)


Ultimate Fitness Personal Trainer - NYC

20 years Vegan Lifestyle - Holistic Training

Comes from Three Generations of Boxers and Trainers

20 years experience in Natural Bodybuilding Training

Sweat Guru Personal Trainer - Williamsburg Brooklyn, NYC

Personal Thoughts on Fitness:

Fitness is a holistic process; to get the full benefit it should include the physical, nutritional, mental, and functional aspects of life.

Frank - MMA Instructor

33 years in Martial Arts 

Black Belt USA GoJu 

Black Belt Tae Kwon Do 

Blue Belt in Brazilian Jujitsu - Gracie Academy

Certified FitForce Instructor

Certified NJ State Methods of Instruction

Certified Personal Trainer - Cooper Institute Fitness

NY Gold Cup 87 US National Freestyle Fighting Team

Police Academy "Most Physically Fit Recruit" Award

Physical Fitness Instructor at the Police Academy for 4 years  

Defensive Tactics Instructor at the Police Academy for 4 years 


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